The Power in Words Can Empower Your World

It is no surprise to find that words can heal as often as they can hurt. A kind word can lift one’s spirit as quickly as a spiteful word can scar one’s heart. If I want someone to feel good, I use loving words. In contrast, if I was trying to hurt someone’s feelings, then I would use unkind words. The loving words carry a positive energy whereas the cruel words are imbued in negative energy.

Motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, and self-empowerment authors use positive words to elevate people’s awareness and sense of self. They know positive words contain positive energy which opens up the experience for a higher vibration where people are more likely to reap benefits.

People who degrade others or wish to keep other people in a subordinate position use negative words to try and damage people’s self-confidence. For instance bullies tease, torment, and harass their victims with abusive language. Those exposed to this type of negativity feel anything but elated.

Grant Virtue, along with Doreen Virtue, is co-author of Angel Words: Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life. He talks about their new book and the power of words in his recent guest blog on Inspiration Report. Grant writes, “Ultimately the reason we feel that it is important to remember to speak positively is that you create within yourself the power to change yourself and the world for the better.”

I know that positive words absolutely make me feel better. Whether I am saying them out loud, reading them, or observing them, I do feel good when doing so. Be aware of the power of your words as they do affect you and those around you.

A great site to make your own display of positive words for free is I created the positive word clouds for this post with words that bring a smile to my face. If you happen to make your own, which you should at least try once, please share it with us.

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“Like the body, the soul must also be nourished daily.”

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Jenine J. said...

This is true. I am mindful of not only what I say but what I do because I want others to feel good.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Stopping by from SITS.

A.F. said...

Here is mine!

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