Remembering the Departed

Joy has a wonderful presence in your heart. I feel good to have joy. I can see through things that are not pleasant and realize the good person behind the forged attitude. Life gets along much better with understanding instead of judgments. I have had two deaths in my life this week. With everyone being connected to each other, I feel the hole it has left in my heart. The emptiness inside that knows you will never see these people again can be unbearable at times.

One was a longtime friend who always kept me laughing. I enjoyed his spice of life and his genuine goodness. I will miss his smile and his off-color jokes. Another was a recent graduate from high school whom I had the honor of knowing for ten months. It is a gift to know someone even when they don't know themselves.

I feel void of their loving energy that they had to give back to the universe. My memories will keep them alive in my heart forever. To me they did not die; they transferred to a place of serenity and joy. There is no more pain for them to encounter in this life. I try to remember them with joy but tears emerge when I honestly admit to myself that the love I have lost of not having them around makes me weep. 

What do you do with these feelings? What do you say to your heart? It is always those left behind to ask questions without answers. I wish I had one more day to remind them that I love them. Now all I can do is imagine that they hear me telling them, "You may be gone from my sight, but not from my heart." Remembering is another form of loving so I will remember my two spirited people who for a very short time gave my life a special meaning and my heart tremendous joy.

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2 Response to "Remembering the Departed"

Kim Luret said...

Dear Brenda;

I feel for your loss. I'm sorry, I know how it can hurt.

Take courage.


Kim Luret

Brenda said...

Hi Kim,
Sometimes it takes me awhile to get back to my writings after such a loss but I keep my strength from people like you. Thank you so much for your thoughts and caring. It is good to have people in the world and I do mean world that can touch your heart. Love and sincerely, Brenda

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