Surviving Being Alone on Christmas

Four more days until families and friends unite to spend one of the most celebrated seasons together. Being far from home and away from all the people I love during Christmas time makes my heart sink just enough to miss everyone but remain grateful that I have loved ones to miss.

Going to parades and the Christmas tree lighting with all the families and couples in town proved to be too much for my heart to bear. I have never spent a Christmas without loved ones so I had to figure out how to handle my feelings of joy and loneliness. I discovered a few ways to keep the spirit of Christmas within and around me without the company of my family or friends.

  • Thank Goodness for Technology: It makes it easier to keep in touch so I have been using my cell phone, email, and webcam to chat with everyone. This is bittersweet because although I am able to see and hear the people I love I am not able to hug them.

  • Socializing: I have been going out and interacting with others who appear to be on their own this time of year. Face to face social interaction elevates the spirits and the connection made lessens the sting of solitude in the season. This is true no matter the season.

  • Community Involvement: There are food banks, toy drives, and church dinners for the homeless that need volunteers. By helping others we help ourselves.

  • Cherished Memories: I find reflecting on Christmas memories gone by help fill a bit of what is missing in the now. I travel back in my mind and bring forth love and laughter into my present experience.

  • Music and Movies: I love listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies. Both also hold special memories and serve the purpose of distracting me while whisking me away for a moment in time.

Have you ever spent the holidays alone? What have you done?

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6 Response to "Surviving Being Alone on Christmas"

Kerri O. said...

I have many times due to work and it really is incredibly hard but somehow you get through it. I've spent a lot of time on the phone with my mum and sister on christmas.

Veronica Harrington said...

I've been stuck at the airport on Christmas on my way to visit family. It sucked but I wasn't alone. I got to commiserate with everyone else who was stuck there too. =-P

Ruby said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my blog today :)
This will be my first year away from "home" Altho i'm with the hubs family and our kids it just isn't the same thank goodness for technology like you said skype, text, and cells have made things a little easier.

H.H. said...

Yes. I'll be using the phone a lot Kerri.

Veronica, I can't imagine being stuck in an airport on Christmas.

Hey Ruby! You're welcome! Yes thank goodness for all the techy gadgets.

Kimberly said...

My kids leave me every Christmas Day for at least a few hours. It's not anywhere near what some people have to deal with, but since they're with me 24/7 the rest of the year, the house is eerily quiet when they're gone. I usually either make myself a dinner of food they don't particularly like, grab a movie they wouldn't want to see, and just enjoy the solitude. I've actually come to look forward to it after seven years.

H.H. said...

Kimberly thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment. That solitude sounds quite nice and I am sure it is much deserved. Everyone needs time to themselves. I will be thinking of you with a smile on Christmas Day. Cheers!

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