Train Your Thoughts to Help You

I was looking out the window yesterday and wondered when the sun would burn out. In a single moment I immediately recognized my deliberate thinking of doom. I don't even know where it came from. I can be doing well in most areas of my life then suddenly a negative thought will invade my psyche. It almost seems to come without provocation.

When this happens, I intentionally transfer my thoughts to something pleasant and the despairing thoughts slowly fade away. I feel that I must take a consistent inventory of my thoughts as well as my actions on a regular basis because being human means working toward the positive every minute of your life. It is so easy to think of something destructive and fall into a pattern of doom. Sometimes it may take a minute to recover but if we are not careful, a moment could turn into days, weeks, and months before we realize that we have been sabotaged by an unattended negative thought.

Early in my life I did not recognize the correlation between thoughts and well-being. Thoughts fly through the mind at speeds we are unable to fathom. So why would we think disturbing or fearful thoughts could take over if we are in conscious thought?  They cannot.  Most of our thoughts are not deliberate. The majority of time the subconscious mind, out of pure habit, spins all kinds of thoughts in and out of our conscious minds.

Check in with your thoughts from time to time and examine what you are thinking. If you are stuck in traffic, cleaning your house, doing laundry, or trying to relax, monitor the thoughts aimlessly swirling in and out of your mind. Are they all useful? Are some of your thoughts actually doing you a disservice? Do some thoughts need to be replaced with positive affirmations?

Letting your mind wander is not always productive to your overall well-being.

I think negative thoughts in particular crop up from our subconscious and creep into our awareness any time we have a bout with physical or emotional stress. I guess the main thing for me to remember here is that stress is almost always caused by a reaction to something or someone. My anxiety level will begin to rise and before I know it, I run with pain consuming my body. To calm myself, I stop, sit, and listen to my body. My energy now has to be directed to positive energy in order for the threshold of pain to stop. Finding a quiet place in my mind, I surrender to my higher power and ask for relief. A pause of relief simmers in my mind and I know that listening to my body is a direct contact with a power greater than I. Relief, recovery, and love take over.

The sun might burn out one day because it is a star. But my stars are higher than the sun. My vision is beyond what I see. I am not alone. I am happy. I believe in miracles. I am safe.

Brenda T. Brown (Ms. B) has published her first poetry book entitled Every Mother’s Daughter. She continues to write, teach, and help others take steps in the direction of their dreams. Visit her website at:

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“Like the body, the soul must also be nourished daily.”

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