Angel Numbers

444 was everywhere. It was on my home phone, cell phone, stove clock, computer, emails, cable boxes, receipts, addresses, and documents. I got a message filled with gratitude at 4:44pm. While walking past a house, I walked past many times before, I suddenly for no reason looked up at the address and it was 444. Everywhere I turned those numbers were there. For two weeks, I thought it a peculiar coincidence until one night. I woke up for no reason, put on my glasses which I am blind without, and gazed up at my cable box and saw the time 4:44. My entire body filled with a warm tingling sensation. A part of me knew something significant was happening. That was it for me. I said out loud, "Okay, I will look into it in the morning." I took off my glasses and tried to go back to sleep. Later in the morning I did a Google search about numbers and to my surprise seeing the numbers 444 was a common occurrence for many but I didn't understand why. After much more research, I found an author, Doreen Virtue, who had a book about numbers, "Angel Numbers". I ordered it and here is what it said:

Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving
and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection
with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself.
You have nothing to fear - all is well.

It was touching and sweet and even though I believe in signs, I wasn't sure what to make of this. But knowing what I know today, some eight months later, I realize it was the beginning of my new journey encompassing the power of belief.

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