The Secret Language of Angels

Upon beginning my new path, I gladly accepted being thrust back into a student type role. I am learning from books, from teachers, from friends, from strangers and from myself. I wondered about signs in particular because in the past I did pray for help and wondered where that help was. If angels love to give people signs, why did they wait so long to give me some? Have you ever wondered that? I did!! I realized it was not that I wasn't being given any signs; it's that I didn't stop long enough to notice them. I was so consumed with the busyness of life that I was never still, never quiet. When I stopped, focused, listened, and calmed myself and my thoughts, I started seeing more signs in response to my prayers. I believe angels, God, Spirit, the Universe, or whomever you believe in will always respond to your requests in the best way to reach you. I believe angels are not on our timetable and if you slow down just a little bit you may be able to see your signs too.

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