Do You Pray?

Having gone to Catholic school for my junior high and high school years, I can never remember actually learning the exact definition of "prayer" although I'm sure I did but I either can't remember it or I blocked it out. Catholic school will do that to some people. I looked it up and one definition that I could relate to was, "A spiritual communion with God or an object of worship." It seems simple enough; a conversation with God or an angel or a higher power...whatever you believe. I can get down with that. What I couldn't stand was being told I was not praying correctly. Did I always have to use the Lord 's Prayer to be heard? Did I always have to make the sign of the cross or kneel with a bowed head? Was God going to ignore me because I wasn't addressing Him correctly? That's how it seemed during my Catholic school years.
As an adult, I don't believe it matters what I say, how I say it, where I say it, or when I say it. There is no standard prerequisite or requirement for prayer. Whomever you're addressing, in my case God, the Universe, the angels or my guide, the only thing that you need to do is begin a conversation. My friend said she wasn't any good at praying and I told her there was no wrong or right way to pray. If all you have to say is, "Hey, what's up" or "Thanks for a great day," that is definitely a good start for conversations to come. If it helps, believe that whomever you are praying to is sitting right next to you and have a conversation with them just as you would a friend. I believe "someone" is waiting for you to begin a conversation right now.

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