Why Journal or Blog at all?

I'm not sure the reason behind why everyone else journals or blogs but I know why I chose to do it. It wasn't to gain followers, to win a prize or to gain recognition. It was to be of service to those who needed it. Upon my spiritual awakening these past few months or whatever you want to call it, I knew it would be helpful to keep a record of what was happening. I find writing very therapeutic and loved to write when I was an adolescent but the practice somehow got away from me. I found that I expressed myself better through written word than spoken word. When my classmates griped about having to write a daily journal entry for English class, I found I couldn't stop writing; the words just kept flowing.

As much as I believe this practice of journaling will benefit me, I hope it will benefit others even more. When these spiritual occurrences began happening, I felt alone. I so much wanted a book or a blog or a friend who was going through similar experiences at the same time as me. In shared experiences we find we are not alone; and we are not crazy. We are in fact experiencing something miraculous. I couldn't find anything. I only found books or people who had already gone through the experience. I don't dismiss their experiences but what you are really getting is a summary of what happened to them. You are not getting the whole story which includes daily emotions, current findings, what exactly was happening at the time it happened and so forth. In a summary, the important little details are often omitted. I wanted "real time" support. I thought if I could at least be brave enough to share my experiences about what had recently happened in my life and what is happening and what is yet to come I could help someone else; thereby help myself.

So as much as I am writing for me, I am writing for YOU as well. I believe whoever "YOU" are; you are miraculous too.

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