How do you keep the faith?

I have described my faith as something that has been a constant in my life because faith is always there. However, when your viewpoint about faith changes, it can seem to disappear or weaken but it doesn't. I think in difficult times, faith is the hardest conviction to hold onto. I know in my darkest days from my past I shunned faith. I turned away and was incredibly angry God could have allowed my life to be such a mess and not allow me to receive any kind of blessings I know I deserved. I took down all my spiritual artifacts and put them in a drawer because they were just constant reminders of how my faith failed me. And let me share with you that it took YEARS before I allowed any form of spirituality back into my life. It wasn't easy but I did. At first it was just little things. Enough money showed up just in time to pay the rent; I got a better paying job just as I was about to be evicted from my home which allowed me to find a better place; friends would come over for support and say just the right thing I needed to hear (sometimes God, the angels, etc, deliver messages through friends); and the little things became big things. I left my job and started my own business without any kind of start up funds but I always somehow found a way. My uncle suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm and he survived. I prayed long and hard for that one. While everyone else around him was dying from the same thing, he survived and recovered so quickly the doctors were shocked. Three years earlier my friend lost her mom to the same thing, the same month. And now, I am here. I am experiencing many new blessings everyday. I am connected. I am filled with faith. I just know everything will be okay, even if it doesn't look alright on the surface, it will be okay. If you are trying to find your way back to your faith, I believe you can. I believe the most important thing to understand about faith is that if at first you don't have it in yourself; you will never have faith in anyone or anything. I believe in me. I will always believe.

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