Making Contact with Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide? I have learned, in essence, it's a spirit you always have near that will help you fulfill your life purpose.
About 4 years ago, way before any kind of spiritual awareness, I was interested in learning my Spirit Guide's name. I do not remember exactly why I wanted to do this I just know I spent the time to research ways in which to proceed. I found a website that laid out an easy plan: Spirit Guides.

Now at the time I didn't fully believe everything on this site and thought it kind of silly especially since the site said the spirit would accept whatever name I gave it. Are you kidding me? Even with that kind of thinking I still wanted to give it a go. I read "Lesson 1 and 2" and thought about it and changed it so it would fit into what worked for me. I laid down on my bed, went into my relaxation mode, and quieted my mind. I sent out the thought, "Hello, spirit guide" and when I felt someone was there, I simply asked, "What is your name?" The name that came to me was Elyse. After that, I didn't do anything and just forgot about it.

Two months ago, in May, I reconnected with someone who has counseled me in the past on a topic completely different than spirituality, and is now my mentor/spiritual counselor, a very real lightworker. In fact I never knew she was a spiritual counselor until I reconnected with her and at our second session she was doing Reiki on me. She was talking about my energy and how relaxed it was and she said, "Your Spirit Guide is here and her name is Elyse." When I heard the name, I paused for a minute but didn't think anything of it. As I was driving home, a sudden rush went through my body and I remembered!!

Presently, I am working on just "feeling" when she is near. I hope to advance my communication techniques with her in the future. I believe the first experience four years ago went as well as it did was because I wasn't trying so hard and I had zero expectations. Trying too hard will just create a block and leave you frustrated; like trying to remember where you left something. When you stop thinking about it, you remember. Just let go.

Now I share my story with you not so that you will do the exact same thing I did but so you will understand that however you go about trying to contact your Spirit Guide is completely up to you. You have to figure out what works best for you. I believe you will find your own way and when you do, let me know.

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