Spiritual Counsel...Necessary or Not?

I never thought I would have a Spiritual Counselor/Mentor. I certainly never knew what they did or even if they had a real degree in "Spiritual Counseling". When I thought of Spiritual Counseling, I automatically thought of priests. Isn't that part of their job? Helping to guide lost souls? Who else does this kind of work?

I found my Spiritual Counselor in a way in which I did not expect to find her. Back in 2005, I was at a Starbucks with my mom and this lady was talking about how her daughter found these kittens in her shed and the mother cat was nowhere in sight so this lady had been taking care of them but couldn't do it anymore. Bottle feeding four kittens was a demanding job and she had just opened her new office in the back of this very shopping center. As it turns out she was a Master Hypnotherapist and I went to see her for a weight loss program. Weight has been an issue my whole life so I thought a new technique, hypnotherapy, may work. I finished the program and saw her two more times to get a Relaxation CD and a Deep Sleep CD and really never saw her again after that.
About a year ago, I remember reading about how it would be helpful to get a Spiritual Counselor in different newsletters I received and blogs I read. I even got a reading done and she recommended trying to connect with one as well. I was getting these "messages" about once a week. I thought, "Yeah, it might be nice to have one but where would you find one and what do they do? And why would I need one?" I had already experienced going to therapy with psychiatrists and psychologists so I wasn't psyched about getting back into that kind of thing. I found they didn't really help me the way I needed.

Fast forward to this past May of 2009, I contacted this lady, named Gwenn, because I was experiencing panic attack sensations, something I had struggled with back in 2003 along with depression, so I thought she could help me alleviate this panicky feeling I was starting to get because I sure wasn't about to go back to a psychiatrist. In my first session back with her in four years, she started talking about feeling other people's energy; something in which I was familiar! She told me that she does help people in a spiritual way and always had. I left feeling great. This women, who I met years ago, was a spiritual person, experiencing many spiritual things; a real light worker. I never knew this about her and I was grateful I had reconnected with her. She has been a great support for me and it is always nice to have someone to relate to. I believe everything happens for a reason and that I was guided back to her.

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