Lifting Up

Have you ever woken up and you were in a bad mood? Monday morning was like that for me. Nothing in particular was irritating me but it's like it just sprang up out of nowhere. How is that possible? I read a few times that we choose the mood we are in; something like a chosen mindset. Sometimes I think that can certainly be true. Let's say a particular event will happen, like someone cutting you off in traffic, and we can choose how to react to it. You can either get upset which doesn't accomplish anything but put you in a terrible mood which you may take out on someone else therefore causing a chain reaction of negativity. On the other hand, you can smile and send that driver love, leaving you balanced.

But what about the times when you just wake up in a "bad" mood? What's that about? I don't remember going to bed in a bad mood. I'm a woman so maybe it's my monthly surge of hormones but that's not always the case; it's happened before where the two weren't related. I don't ever remember waking up and saying, "Geez, it would be SO GREAT if I could be a super mean b---- all day today." Upon waking, why would anyone choose to be in a bad mood? To me, that's insane! I understand some people find comfort in a particular negative mood like anger because of the surge of endorphins that anger releases. That surge of chemicals gets addicting. However, I thrive on positivity therefore I would much rather be in a good mood so I can focus and meditate. Sometimes music helps me. I believe music to be a great healer in times of distress. I found this song and it helped lift me up. Enjoy Michael Franti and Spearhead singing "Say Hey (I Love You)":

Once you get into the cycle of negative feelings it can be hard to lift yourself out of it so what are some things you do to lift yourself up?

"Dare to reach your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light." ~Unknown

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