Three Wishes: You Can Have Anything You Want!

So now that I have been reminded about where my focus should be in getting to where I want to go I need to create that end result picture in my mind as vividly as I can. What if you had a Genie sitting right in front of you and he said you could have anything you wanted and all you had to do was ask? What would you ask for? Being placed in that situation can be a bit overwhelming and a little confusing because you need to know what it is that you really want so your request can be manifested into physical form. Once it is manifested you can’t wish it away, it is yours and you are responsible for the consequences of your wish. This is why everyone says, ‘be careful what you wish for’. Envision, as realistically as possible, what it would be like to have what you have longed for and embrace the emotions you would experience and then ask yourself if you really want this picture to become real then listen to your mental or physical response. Make sure what you desire, is really what you want.

I have done this exercise before and found out that what I created in my mind was not actually what I wanted to transpire in the real world. The fantasy was better than the reality. It has also helped me discover in more detail what I would like to experience in my life. I write down affirmations and read them daily and I also have a dream board; two tools that are very helpful. Gwenn has said it is also important to pay attention to the details because what you ask for is exactly what you will receive. For example, if you want to have lots of money ask for financial abundance instead of asking to be rich. The word “rich” is too vague and holds many different meanings. To put this in perspective, I believe God, Angels, the Universe, and the Spiritual Realm collectively is that benevolent Genie waiting to grant your wishes. But instead of just three wishes, you could have an unlimited number of wishes. I will be focusing on what I really want; my end result. What do you really want?

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