Feeling My Heart

I think like most people, I have come to the bitter realization of how much I appreciated something or someone only after experiencing the loss of its existence in my life. A new perspective of being filled with complete bliss in the presence of an exciting opportunity has been born into my emotional consciousness. This joyous feeling is more than being excited about a new beginning it is rather an insight into how much my heart yearns for this to come to fruition. I actually did not know how much I wanted this opportunity until it was right there in front of me and I was feeling the effect of its affect. I know logically what I want but now that I am becoming more heart focused I am feeling how much I want things to change. The heart that has been stifled for years is now breaking free and expressing itself at such a level that it is impossible to ignore.

Being heart centered instead of analytically focused is a shift my soul has been suggesting I make. I trust this shift will guide me to what is best for me. I am now coming to the belief that the heart is happy to guide the person who always walks in faith. Shifting focus will help me explore new avenues and embrace new circumstances. I will become the person who I was meant to be and not the one everyone else thought I should be. I will learn to shed the many layers of my old self and let the true me shine forth. As said by Noah benShea, “Our heart knows what our mind only thinks it knows.” If I asked my mind what I really wanted it would scream whatever I wanted to hear, but if I asked my heart, it would quietly tell me what I needed to know. I work everyday to keep myself quiet long enough so I can hear the thoughtful whispers of my soul. It takes only seconds to be quiet, be still and listen.

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