The Long Pauses

The period between the dream and the realization of the dream can be filled with excited anticipation on good days and permeated with frustration on other days. This waiting around can truly test a person’s patience and faith. I have often wondered what I should do when I experience a slight pause. I came across a new book, Infinite Possibilities, by Mike Dooley ( and found he had some insightful answers to my quandaries.

He writes, “Lulls can be looked at as gifts – the calm before the storms of glorious manifestation – and when you recast them in this light, they can even be transformed into some of the happier times of your life, almost as vacations between spurts of creative living.” (143-144) I believe this to be the most beneficial way to look at these pauses in between the idea and the actual completion of the goal. Instead of standing still waiting for something to happen, get moving and make your dream life happen. You don’t have to do everything but you do have to do something. A small action will create a great ripple effect within the Universe and help deliver to you what you desire. I ask myself what can I do that will add more happiness to my life. I can take a class I have always wanted to take. I can start planning vacations I wish to go on even though I may not have the funds as of yet; It doesn’t cost anything to do the research. I can go test drive a new car. I can review my vision board and make sure it serves as an accurate reflection of everything I want. I can review my thinking to make sure I actually believe I can have everything I desire so I can really help manifest it. I can start exercising again and not necessarily at the gym but rather outside in Mother Nature’s fresh air. The point is there are many things I can do besides sit around and wait. Misery doesn’t just love company; it also loves immobility so take action.

And of course, I can always choose to keep a positive frame of mind. “The lull you’re experiencing is just giving the Universe time to orchestrate a relatively complicated yet fantastic, ‘surprise party’”. (141) I’m ready for my surprise!

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