Focus Out

“Sometimes a miracle is a seed that is planted in time. Years later it manifests, and you never know what part of the sunlight you were to help it germinate to fruition. Maybe what you are currently doing is not about you but about the miracle you are creating for someone in need.” (What Is Your Life’s Mission)

I receive this monthly newsletter called, Angel Scribe, and the above story offered a perspective I easily overlook at times. In my current career, I hear wonderful things from my clients such as, “You are a blessing” and “We are so grateful we found you” and while I appreciate the comments I don’t really think I stop and actually “hear” them. Even though I am in the process of moving onto something else I need to recognize that I have served a great purpose for others. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been what people have needed at the time they needed it. We all serve a purpose and are placed in moments not necessarily for ourselves but to be of service to others. We are specifically chosen to be someone else’s miracle because of our unique talents, gifts, and character; no one else could do it better. That knowledge, in and of itself should make anyone feel like a star.

As Mary Ellen, from Angel Scribe has said, “So, the message is...not everything is about you. Be the sun's radiant magic to someone's miracle; change a life.”

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