“The Best Laid Plans…”

I receive these short but sweet weekly inspirational emails from different people and more often than not they are usually very helpful. Some offer what I need to hear at the exact time I need to hear it; some offer insight to help further expand my thinking and open my heart; and some are simple reminders to lessons I have already learned.

Today I received this inspirational email from Neale Donald Walsch which stated, “When life is 'falling apart' things could actually be falling together...maybe for the first time.”

I’m in the middle of many changes however other important people in my life are in the midst of great change as well. I had a plan in mind to get from here to there which involved some of these friends but because changes have begun to occur in their lives my plan is no longer viable. I have resigned to the fact that my idea of how things should go was not in accordance to how the universe saw what needed to occur in order for me to stay on the path for my desired end result. I could have become upset but instead I am choosing to trust that another plan, a greater plan, is in the works and even though it appears as if everything is falling apart, everything is actually just being reorganized so it can all come together as it should.

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