Mind and Heart Exercise

You know you have a challenging week when you are already tired, frustrated and anxious on a Monday. This week is going to be a busy one and will require extra energy to stay calm, relaxed and balanced. Even if all I have time for is some deep breathing exercises I will be sure to fit that in. To balance the surplus amount of energy in my head and begin moving that energy toward my heart my Spiritual Counselor gave me the following exercise I thought others might benefit from as well.

Think of the busy energy in the head as a color that represents that. Maybe it's a mass of colors moving all around in the head area. Now send it LOVE, by sending PINK in from the top chakra (crown) pushing it down and mixing in with it until it is ALL pink, flowing down to your heart. Sending it all love, with thoughts of love and appreciating for how hard your mind works to take care of things in your life and you! Send the love back up into the head until you just feel peacefulness throughout.

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