In the Know

There is no weakness in being vulnerable only strength. It takes great power to open up to someone else and let them see all the concealed parts of you that you are so used to hiding. Putting your trust and faith in another’s hands is an extraordinary act of bravery.

I have stated many times how much I like to know everything I can whenever I am doing something. I like details, plans, background info, names, places, and dates. I like to be in the know and when I am not I get a little anxious; and sometimes a lot anxious. I have spent the last year trying to find peace with not knowing everything. It is impossible to know everything. To balance myself out, I have taken an outline approach. I fill in some basic information but leave other things up in the air. That unknown part is life/God/universe at work. I find balance in doing this. I embrace the unknown because I know there is a great amount of good to come.

I can look back on my life and see that most of the best people or things that came into my life were not planned by me. They were all great surprises from an all knowing source. From this perspective the unknown is fantastic. The unknown can bring many great blessings.

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