To Plan or Not To Plan

Parades, air shows, sports games, and festivals saturated the day with activities for tourists and locals. I wanted to attend some of the events, specifically the air show, but did not want to be surrounded in the chaos. I had forgotten about the parade today as I would have enjoyed attending it. It was just around the corner and it was a free event filled with significant local history. It seemed I missed out on some exciting activities today by forgetting to plan.

I like having free time however when I have a prolonged period of free time I become too consumed by my own thoughts and some of them begin to spin out of control. Unfocused thoughts tend to cause me worry, anxiety, and fear. Problems are created where there were none. Getting out of my own head and being productive in some way, shape or form is what is drastically needed at this point in time. If I give myself too much free time, my mind becomes unproductive.

I am searching for a balance between being care free and structured. If I plan too much, I try to control life, which is not possible. If I plan too little, life governs me, which is unacceptable. Much like a surfer, I am looking for that perfect wave. “The perfect wave is something that provides an absolutely effortless ride. It peels across the ocean for what seems to be an eternity, a ride we hope will never end...It’s pure bliss at its very best, the type that puts an ear to ear smile across your face.” (Quoted from True Success: Find Your Perfect Wave by Srinivas at The Skool of Life)

There is something magical about the way a surfer and a wave become mystically indistinguishable. In essence, they become one. In doing so, they flow forward in a moment easily and effortlessly. Life is filled with many waves and I am looking to find a balance so I too can ride those waves with ease.
Tomorrow is another day for me to begin again.

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