10 Lessons I Learned in 30 Days of Introspection

I have reached my goal. I made it to day thirty! For the past 30 days I focused on discovering more about me. Of course it flew by as time always tends to do in the end. I believe I have made some useful discoveries doing this which was my hope in the beginning. If anything, it has been great to end each day reflecting on what I was grateful for. Anything that was not good diminished by focusing on the positive. Writing everyday just for me was also good. It was helpful to recap my day by writing down my thoughts and feelings. I was able to read what I had written and offer myself a new perspective on what was happening.

Taking a period of time to focus on yourself is a great way to become aware of what is not working in your life. It is also a good way to eliminate old beliefs which no longer serve you or the person you are looking to become. You may also discover ways that you have grown and not even realized it. As well as discovering areas which you would like to improve, you will find areas in which you excel.

After 30 days of focusing within, I came to realize a few things. Some of the most important lessons I will take with me are the following:
1. Always end the day on a positive note by reviewing what you were grateful for.
2. Do something every day that adds to your happiness – even if it’s as little as buying yourself a cup of coffee. Anything you are searching for has to be found within first. If you are searching for happiness, you need look no further than within. If you are not happy, nothing outside of you will make you happy. Happiness really does come from within. If you are not happy, ask yourself why. I would write what made me happy at the end of every day however I should have written what added to my happiness. On my sad days, reflecting on what I was grateful for sparked my inner happiness and lessened the sadness if not completely obliterated it.

3. Go out and interact with the outside world – I spent many days inside and became depressed by being cut off from others and nature. Even going for a short walk is useful and good exercise.
4. Make a point to have fun; schedule it in your calendar if you need to – I had to push myself some days to get out and do something fun. When I finally did, I was happy I gave myself a push.
5. Be open to life and receiving – Get rid of what does not work in your life and anything that makes you unhappy so new people, things, and experiences can enter.
6. Forgive yourself – Don’t be so hard on yourself. Mistakes are a part of life and it is okay to make them. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.
7. Ask yourself those tough questions: Does this really fulfill me? Am I living with purpose? What is my life purpose? What am I passionate about? Am I walking the right path for me? If this doesn’t make me happy, why am I doing it? – These questions should not be avoided because of fear. The answers may not come right away but putting a question out there in the open beckons the answer to come. If you are not happy, only you know why, so ask yourself.
8. It’s okay to be lost – By becoming lost you initiate a transformation that helps you find what you are looking for.
9. Take action – If you think you know what you want, take action. Even if you don’t know or you’re unsure, find out by taking action. Sometimes we can only know if something is right for us by trying it out first. Explore, experiment, and discover what is good for you.
10. Let go – One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to let go. Let go of the past, a person, an idea, a belief, a hurtful comment, another life, etc. Hanging on to something too long can prevent people from growing and moving forward. Letting go can bring great relief, strength, and joy. Let go and let God is a useful reminder of releasing a need to control life and allowing it to occur naturally.

Your Life is the sum of all your choices. ~Albert Camus

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