Proud to Make Mistakes

Why are some so fearful of making mistakes? Complete perfection is an illusion. Our imperfections are what make us perfectly imperfect human beings. We become balanced through a cycle of trial and error. From knowing what does not work, we are able to find a way to success. A person’s self-confidence is not just built on achievement alone. Confidence is comprised of the many stepping stones of past failures and mistakes that provided important lessons on the way to victory.

We try and fail then take time to review and reassess so that we may get up and try again. If people always gave up after failing, nothing would ever be accomplished. We all fell on our bottoms numerous times before learning to walk. Many swimmers sank to the bottom before learning to swim. Millions have lost more times than they can count before experiencing a win.

Think of any error you make as your teacher. This teacher is not there to berate you but is trying to teach you an important lesson. Use each lesson you learn to build your strength, self-confidence, and faith. Look within yourself and understand what you need to do and know in order to become wiser so the same error does not happen again. With every mistake you make, you have an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of achieving.

Look at where you are today right in this moment. Think about all you have accomplished. Reminisce on all your triumphs. Did you get here because you made perfect choices? Most likely it was a combination of decision making and overcoming blunders made along the way. Embrace past mistakes made. Learn from them so you can continue to grow into who you are meant to be. Do not ever dread making a choice because you are afraid of making a mistake. Your mistakes are there to help you know better and therefore become better. Believe in yourself and stand by your choices wherever they may lead you.

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