How to Get What You Want

In theory an adult is a mature person who is responsible, logical, and capable of making decisions on his or her own. Based upon their knowledge gained from experience, adults are people we look to for answers about love, life, and all of the above. Adults are supposedly holders of wisdom and truth.

Ask any adult what they want, really want, and more often than not you will find an adult who is at a loss for words. Grown-ups need time to think, contemplate, and weigh the pros and cons of said desires to ascertain if any outcome is really feasible or worthwhile for their gain. They think of one thing and all its possibilities and then go on to imagine another thing and then something more. One does not make a decision because he is caught up in this whirlwind of indecision.

“Yeah. But since when does anyone have a clue about what they want?”
(God, Bruce Almighty)

Children on the other hand have no problem deciding what they want. If you ask a child what she wants for her birthday, she will quickly give you a list. It is direct, clear, and concise. A child’s simplicity should not be brushed off as being na├»ve but regarded as a golden treasure to be retained throughout life. This approach towards deciding what you want can be useful for any adult.

Have you ever gotten what you wanted only to find out after you received it that you did not want it anymore?

“Our heart knows what our mind only thinks it knows.” (Noah benShea)

This usually happens when you only think you know what you want. Your desire stems from your mind and not your heart center. In order to get in touch with your heart center, consider the following:

  • Contemplate Simply – The heart is humble and modest so unburden yourself with superfluous information that fills up your mind.
  • Get to the Point – The heart is direct and unwavering because it knows what it wants and stands firmly by its decision at all times.
  • Feel the Passion – The heart is passionate about its desires and emanates joy whenever it is near what it wants.
  • Know Its Love – The heart’s purpose always consists of love. Whatever it desires, does, or wants to do, it will do so because of love.

Too often we think we know what we want without really knowing anything at all. We think we want the shiny car, the luxurious house, the perfect partner, fame and fortune, and a million other things that do not coincide with the heart’s desires. All the things we want are not necessarily bad however if behind everything we want is a reason other than love then that is when problems occur.

After years of getting things they do not want, many find what they really want is to love and be loved. Once you love yourself and love others, everything you want next is an extension of that love.

So how do you get what you want?

You must first decide what you want.

How do you get what you really want?

Ask your heart what it desires.

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