Can You Become a New Version of You?

I look in the mirror and see the same old me but yet I am not the old me. There are no visible scars or marks to tell the story of my progress because all the transformations occurred from within. My eyes that were flooded with tears of sadness dried. My heart that experienced loss healed. My mind which was once my enemy turned into my friend. The journey continues as does the spiritual growth and even after experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows I choose to continue because I know I am on the right course. I am on my way to becoming the me I always wanted to be.

Can you become a new version of you? At the beginning of my transformative path I certainly wanted to become someone who could always find the good in any situation or person no matter what. Being positive is more than just being an optimist. It is creating a way of life that is grounded in love. When a person is embodied in love, he or she is happier, healthier, and able to have a positive impact on his or her surroundings.

I still recognize the negative aspects of things but I choose not to dwell in them. There is a flip side to everything and what you choose to focus on reflects back to you. If I allow myself to marinate in negativity or pessimism, then that is who I choose to become. With that intense focus, positivity has a hard time breaking through that tunnel vision. I do not hold onto the negative and in doing so the negative cannot hold onto me.

When something unexpected happens, which we immediately tend to judge as bad, it is better to step back from the situation and look at it twice. First, look at it through the eyes of a cynic or worrier. Go through the fear and all the worst case scenarios. Imagine the most horrible outcome coming true and see how that makes you feel.

Then look at the situation through the eyes of an idealist or visionary. Think about the untapped possibilities. Contemplate the what ifs and why nots. Imagine the great things that could happen and sit with those feelings awhile.

In an awful situation many people tend to wander off into a dark place. Learning how not to do that takes practice and time. Currently many people are out of work but have used this time as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Some are going back to school to reignite an old dream. Others are going into business for themselves to fulfill a new dream. They are looking for the opportunity in the middle of a tragedy.

“See the blessings for they are there.”

What are you focusing on right now and how is that affecting your life?

Now for just a moment let go. Imagine the flip side to anything that is troubling you. Discover a new possibility that will benefit you. Focus on absolute positivity to your outcome and see how that makes a difference in your world.

Tragedy does not wish to harden us;
it helps us become more open and vulnerable
in order to discover the indomitable strength within.

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“Like the body, the soul must also be nourished daily.”

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