Cool, Calm, Collected

by Ms. B

Being calm is a beautiful thing. It is so incomprehensible to so many but it remains the one thing that keeps us in touch with who we are. I was waiting and waiting, not as patiently as I could, but I was waiting. I ask my Higher Power to visit with me and grant me peace in my turbulent time. I remember thinking I must be still to hear the answer; I must remain calm. The universe is listening to my heart and translating my thoughts every second so I must be calm. Only this way could I hear an answer; only this way could I open up to the wisdom I was being given. If I did not stop to listen, I would have missed the message. It came to me like silent waters trickling through the brook. I felt the message in my soul. I could stay calm because I asked for this grace to be given to me. I laid my humble body down and vowed not to move until the answer came to me. I knew that I must be still. One phone call from an angel and I knew the blessings had arrived. It was not for me to know when it would happen; it was only for me to believe. Miracles happen every day. Sit still.

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."

Brenda T. Brown (Ms. B) has published her first poetry book entitled Every Mother’s Daughter. She continues to write, teach, and help others take steps in the direction of their dreams. Visit her website at:

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“Like the body, the soul must also be nourished daily.”

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