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I am a former Executive who left (or perhaps escaped is a better word) Corporate America to pursue my passion of empowering people to reach “their” definition of success. I am currently a National Keynote Speaker, Author, Vocalist and CEO of Soul Support and Knowledge Brokers Technology Solutions. Soul Support is a company that motivates working wives and moms to follow their dreams and embrace their uniqueness. Knowledge Brokers is a staffing firm that allows me to empower others through employment.

As a child I was 5’6 and wore a size ten shoe. Growing up in the inner city, children often teased me about my height, big feet, and for being an unrealistic dreamer (wanted to be a speaker, vocalist, author, and mortician), and was constantly told that I was cute to be so dark. It was not until my college years that I realized how those comments dictated many of my life decisions. I began to feel very inadequate and constantly tried to prove my self worth.

I used those emotions to fuel my new sense of self. I put myself through college by working two jobs. It was not unordinary for me to work into the wee hours of the morning, sleep in my car, and head straight to class. This was a trying time, but my self-confidence shot through the roof.

I recorded my first singing demo, but was told that I needed to lose 50 pounds if I wanted to make it in the music industry. Luckily I didn’t starve myself and the demo caught the attention of Whitney Houston’s musical director. This prompted my move to Los Angeles. Not being one to wait around for anything, I started the first Gospel Choir at the University of Southern California and have had the opportunity to work with many musical greats including Montel Jordan, James Ingram, Greg Freeman, Randy Scott and Techno Guru Robert Hood in Switzerland. One of my proudest moments was being selected as alternate speaker for the late Civil Rights Activist, Coretta Scott King for annual diversity celebration.

My book “Always Believe” came about when my daughter began having some of the same self-esteem issues I experienced years ago. Immediately, I knew that the only way for my daughter to accept herself would be from within. It was this experience as well as countless conversations with mothers who were going through similar situations with their daughters that lead to my new book. Always Believe is a book designed to empower girls to believe in themselves and uncover their self worth.

Marlin lives in Detroit, Michigan with her husband, RJ and their daughter Morgan.

Marlin's book is available for purchase here: Always Believe

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4 Response to "Marlin Page's Always Believe"

Marlin Page said...

Thank you for sharing my book with your readers. I appreciate you and all that you do!


H.H. said...

You are very welcome Marlin! The pleasure was ours. Thank you for writing such a fantastic book. =-)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great book! This is sooo what young girls need in today's world. Great job!

Kathy Greene said...

Is this book sold in bookstores?

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