Slowing Down One Thought at a Time

by Ms. B

I feel hibernated from me sometimes because I keep putting things off. I constantly think that I will have plenty of time to do it all and all the while the truth is that I only have now.

Presently, I am using this time to write and this makes me happy. I seem to be able to get in my own mind when I write. Confusing thoughts find their way to understanding. I don’t know exactly how this works, but I do know that it works. Our mind can only effectively manage one thought at a time.

When my mind is filled with superfluous thoughts, I think that I am multi-tasking but I’m really just stressing myself completely. Thinking I’m doing more than I can always tenses me. So if I just head off the confusion by doing one thing at a time, then I get relief from my own psyche.

I don't always understand my thoughts and writing helps me because I can return to my thoughts in the future. The more experience I have with time the more I understand the advantage of taking time for myself and allowing time for myself. These are two important things. When I take “me” time, I use it with great self-respect. I want my time to myself so I can vegetate in my world of dreams amongst other things. This time helps me clear my head which leads to a focus on what I need to do for me. Allowing time for myself, means I am doing the right thing for me at that moment. When my mind is settled and my intention is clear, I can engage in productive activities which I love like writing my poetry book.

So just for now I am writing and thinking that this feels good one word at a time. I have learned not to rush my thoughts or my time. I savor them like eating grapes, jelly beans, or reese’s pieces one at a time. I enjoy. I love. I believe.

What do you do for your "ME" time?

Brenda T. Brown (Ms. B) has published her first poetry book entitled Every Mother’s Daughter. She continues to write, teach, and help others take steps in the direction of their dreams. Visit her website at:

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2 Response to "Slowing Down One Thought at a Time"

Barbara J. said...

I take it one day at a time. Deep breathing or long walks help me clear my head and lessen my stress.

Amadora said...

Ciao. Mi piace leggere per rilassarsi.

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