Losing is Good!

I was wrapping up my great day which ended with a visit to the zoo. As I was packing my things into my car trunk, getting ready to drive home, I realized I had just left my cell phone in the bathroom; a bathroom which was all the way at the end of the zoo. 

I ran as fast as I could back to the bathroom, knowing it was already gone, and waited for a man and his child to vacate the unisex bathroom. I could hear the little boy talking about the color of phones saying his mommy had a red phone, his daddy had black phone and something about a pink phone. (Yes, I was eavesdropping.) I got excited because my phone was pink so the little boy must have been looking at it and then I felt relieved. After about 5 minutes, they finally opened the door and I asked the man if he saw a pink phone in the bathroom. And to my dismay he said, "No but some girl just left her phone in here too and she came back and got it."

I filled out a missing item report at the Lost and Found and drove home so disheartened and hoped that nothing of great importance was on my phone. After I was done mourning, a sudden insight hit me: Losing my phone was a blessing! In fact, I had unknowingly fulfilled a hidden wish. I had been coveting a new touch phone but I was not about to spend money on the upgrade when I had a perfectly good phone. Then I lost my perfectly good phone, which was insured, and got it replaced with the phone I had wanted for the past six months. I believe losing something or someone isn't always a bad thing. When the loss is forced or sudden, it can seem to be unfair, unsteady and nerve-racking. Everyone needs a new start, a clean slate, a Ctrl + Alt + Delete, every once in awhile in order to regroup, reorganize and begin again. New beginnings can be a breath of fresh air. Breathe in!!

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