One Meditation a Day Keeps Negativity Away

I have been trying to adopt a new habit of daily meditation to keep my thoughts positive and to get in tune with the Spiritual Realm. I was told one of the best methods to accomplish this was through meditation. To me that made sense. I think the Spirit World is of a more slow speed, focused in the present and meditation is about focusing on being still and quiet in the here and now so meditation would have to be a significant way to reach out beyond our world. So far my experience has been in receiving signs, feelings and thoughts. My goal is to get up to at least three times a day for about 15 minutes each session. Meditation does not have to take a long time to be effective especially in the beginning. When I first started out, focusing on keeping the mind still was not easy. After about a minute, my mind couldn't stand the quiet any longer and became distracted with the chores of my daily life. After three weeks, I can now go about 10 minutes with a quieted mind.

I believe meditating has helped me open my mind more allowing new ideas to settle in and take form. When I meditate I feel like I am plugging in to Universal Truth, Spirit, God and all that is Divine. I believe mediation is helping me to reconnect to who I really am and it is also helping me to heal, to remember, to love and to know more than ever before.

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