Replacing Worry

Yes this can be a difficult topic to approach. There is no great solution or little pill you can take not to worry. Worry is just another form of fear; a fear of something bad happening. I have learned the best way to get rid of fear is to face it. Fear feeds off of more fear and will continue to grow and distort what is real unless it is diminished by one challenging its existence.

For myself, I don't like going to the doctor. I just had a dentist appointment last week and I knew I had to get a shot. Now keep in mind I had already rescheduled this appointment three times. Procrastinating the appointment only fed my fear which caused me to worry further about the impending visit. The day of my visit I talked with my angels beforehand and asked them to help release any fears I had and to keep me calm. This is important because if I let my fear overwhelm me, I end up fainting. Let me tell you, it's no fun after regaining consciousness and your self-respect off the floor only to be needlessly whisked away by an ambulance. As I sat in the chair about to get my shot, I felt a calm envelope me and I knew I was going to be okay. In the end, after facing my fears, I always learn that whatever I was worried about was only magnified into something horrific by fear. It is never as bad as your fearful mind leads you to believe.

Some other ways I have learned to not worry is to talk with God, angels, guides, etc, and ask them to help me release my fear and fill me with serenity. Remember to "let go and let God" because He always has your back. After I would let God handle it, then I would get busy. I found distracting myself while God does His thing is very helpful. I would surround myself with my positive friends and we would go out and do something fun. If my friends weren't available, then I would find something to do on my own. Writing or reading are always great standbys. And surrounding myself in nature, by taking a hike through the woods or going to the beach, is incredibly peaceful. I believe with practice and patience, worry can easily and effortlessly be replaced with peace of mind; with Love.

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