Give Wings to Others

I’ve been thinking a lot about my spiritual path and my life purpose and trying to figure out what it is that I am meant to be doing. I’m keeping an open mind and exploring new options. I am in the middle of planning a Reiki session with a Master/Teacher. Reiki intrigues me because it involves working with energy and your hands; two things which greatly interest me. I know I enjoy helping others but I am not quite certain in what capacity. It gives me joy to help my friends realize what they love doing and offering guidance in taking steps toward the directions of their dreams. It’s kind of like giving them a pair of wings, so they can begin to fly. On the other side of that also lies frustration because just showing someone the door they’ve longed to see doesn’t mean they will go through it. And I can’t shove them through it because it’s not my place or decision to make that choice for them. I take solace in the fact that I’ve helped them acknowledge that an opportunity is there and as their friend I will support whatever decision they would like to make. As I reflected on this I believe it is always important to be encouraging or inspirational to someone else. It never takes a lot of effort to say, "I believe in you!" or "You can do it!" You never know how a simple supportive statement can affect someone. It may just be what someone needed to hear to change their lives.

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