Giving and Receiving Help

It is never a burden to care for another or be cared for. The one who thinks it to be a burden or feels guilt about being a burden has made an err in judgment. The perspective is askew and the belief is not aligned with the righteous. It is a blessing to comfort and seek comfort. It is a blessing for the one who provides comfort; for the one who provides comfort is steeped in humility. It is a blessing for the one who receives comfort; for he is immersed in grace. The one who is able to give can only do so from a humble heart. He has put aside his own needs to serve the needs of another. The one who has accepted the kindness of another learns that a charitable heart can open the grateful one. Both hearts need each other to continue to grow. They each serve one another in their congruency. No one is greater. They are equal. The acts of giving and receiving are each a blessing.

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