Find Fulfillment in Work

To do something you truly love, to find fulfillment in your career, to impact someone else’s life by touching the deepest part of their soul through your work, has to be a great part of living the most amazing dream. I know it is mine.

Pat Monahan, lead singer in the band Train, describes this feeling:

"I still remember what it's like to paint houses," he recalls. "I had fun because I loved the people that I worked with, but it's really not what I want to do – not because it's a degrading job or anything, but because when I'm on stage I feel so much more connected to who I think I truly am. I just want to stay connected to the highest level myself can be and I think it comes through music.”

I believe when we are truly in tune with the divine, especially in our working life, we connect with something that is so ethereally magical that it manifests in the most beautiful ways. It connects people, mesmerizes people, it touches people’s hearts and stirs their emotions. By being connected to the divine, you also connect them. These people who are in sync with this power are said to be brilliant, talented, and gifted and indeed they are. They have discovered their divine gifts to share with the world and in return not only have they been blessed, we have been blessed by them. Their gifts shine brightly, not to diminish anyone, but to inspire others to find their own light. Some people know their gifts immediately and other people’s gifts lie dormant within waiting to be discovered. Even though I have always written, I never considered it to be a part of my life purpose. It was not until I was guided to write and share my story with others that I became aware of how this gift of writing affected and helped others. It helps heal the reader and author at the same time. Writing has been a true blessing in my life. I consider writing to be one of many gifts to be uncovered for my life purpose. Writing connects me to who I really am. It is never too late to go after your heart’s desires and if you think it is then a change in perspective and belief may be on the horizon. Everyone was born with gifts to share so do not let them depart this life with you. As stated by many, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” People can realize their dreams and achieve all the happiness and success they deserve.

Great inspiration below…

Click here to see a boy who discovered his gift at age six: The Child Who Paints Like An Old Master
Experts have said that the six-year-old's atmospheric paintings, which began with harbor scenes and expanded to include rural vistas, animal portraits and landmarks, have perspective, shadow and reflections that demonstrate an ability well beyond his years.

At age 73, Ken Mink has made a triumphant return to college basketball. Not as a fan or a referee, but as an actual member of the team. “OK, my dream’s coming true,” he said. A fine example of never being too old for a second shot. Click here to read his story: At 73, he’s oldest player shooting college hoops

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