Spirited Love

Love is fluid. It is everywhere and in everything. Just like a circle, love has no ending and no beginning. Love transcends time, space, body, and mind. Love is an entity of its own and resides closest to the soul. Its power is limitless and its boundaries are none. I am a part of love therefore I am free to give love and receive love. If I try to withhold, distort, or abuse it, it is no longer love; for love cannot be reshaped into something it is not.

Love is always love. I recognize love in others not by looking at their outer appearance or their status in life but by looking within. My spirit connects with their spirit and I know love. By communing with love, I am able to love someone who is no longer with me and I am able to love someone I have yet to meet. Our souls are all connected and in that connection there is love.

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