A Leap of Faith

When you come to the edge of all the light you know,
and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly.
~Barbara J. Winter

Taking a leap of faith is leaping without knowing what will happen but trusting that the outcome will be okay. There are no preparations, no safety nets, no calculations, there is just you, you making the choice to leap. The ego goes into overdrive because it knows it is about to lose its power over you. It will try to keep you shackled down in fear and so will other people’s egos. It’s as if the entire egos band together to try and stop you by using the ultimate vice of fear because they know someone is preparing to rise up to silence one of them. The egos will tell you lies and try to distort the messages that come from your higher self. The ego knows all of your fears and weaknesses and will use them to keep you enslaved in a false reality, in a false sense of self. The ego is relentless in its deviousness and will do whatever is necessary to remain in power.

In moments of clarity, I have been able to quiet my ego so I could hear what my higher self was saying. Those who try to dissuade me from leaping do not know what I know. They cannot feel what I feel or see what I see. They are still controlled by the ego yet they do not know they are. I could hear the angels reinforce what my heart already knew. I have come to a point in my journey where my chosen path entails taking a leap of faith so I can continue on in order to get to my desired end result. I am standing on the precipice and I feel the angels next to me supporting and encouraging me and I know on the other side more angels are there with welcoming open arms ready to embrace me even though I cannot see them yet. If I could see them, I imagine they are all jumping up and down in joy cheering me on but all I can see is this deep, dark chasm before me and it scares me which awakens the ego and of course hesitation and doubt, allies of the ego, follow. The deceit begins and I am just standing there frozen terrified to leap. My angelic support stands their ground. They will never leave my side. The angels try to tell me it is all going to be okay but their silent whispers are hard to hear over the treacherous chatter of the opposition. Standing there, my mind goes back and forth between what I see in front of me, which is nothing, to what I feel, which is a knowing everything will be just fine. I either trust what I see or trust what I feel. Having successfully enclosed me in a cloud of confusion, the chatter fades away for now. The angels patiently wait. I ask them what I should do and they lovingly respond, “Just go.” I do not know how. I ask for reassurance about what will happen after, however when taking a leap of faith, there is none. I wish the angels would just push me across and I hear, “We are all here for you yet we cannot make you leap. We cannot interfere with free will. It is your choice but know we are here for you, now and always.”

The time has come and the spotlight is on me. My next step determines whether or not I choose to continue down the path I have been on this past year. This path leads to fulfillment and it seems a waste to throw it away just because I am scared. Everything I have learned thus far has prepared me for this moment however the moment is here and I am unsure. Do I really trust that God, Source, Universe, will come through for me? Do I trust that I am courageous enough to handle what comes next? I can leap or I can stay where I am. What would be more frightening, to take a leap of faith or not to?

My decision is made. I choose to…

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