Attracting and Manifesting from the Heart

Every Friday, a grand prize trip to Hawaii was given away by my favorite radio station to a committed listener. Monday through Thursday from 7 am – 11 pm, the DJ would say a word every hour which people had to text in to the station. If you were the 97th texter, then you would qualify to be entered in the grand prize drawing that week and the radio station’s morning show would call you at 7 am on Friday to let you know you had won. At the end of every week the slate was wiped clean and people had to re-qualify to win the next grand prize.

This was the fifth week in the radio contest and I was determined to qualify for the final prize. This week the grand prize was a seven night trip to Waikiki. The first two trips were getaways to Kona for five days and the 3rd and 4th trip were to Maui for five days. I thought how fitting this prize would be for me since I had been to Waikiki before and loved it. I could go back to my island by the sun; a place which was like heaven for me. I thought that if I could just qualify, I could win the grand prize but qualifying was not easy. For some reason, Hawaii had been on my mind a lot, even before the contest, and I wondered if she was calling me back. My first trip to Hawaii was divinely orchestrated back in September of 2009. Prior to my first trip, I received many signs that I needed to go to Hawaii and with a surprise financial blessing I went. This time, I certainly did not have the funds to go again but I could feel an indescribable pull her way almost as if she was summoning me to return.

It was Thursday, the last day to qualify for the grand prize. It was around 9:45 am when I plugged in my straightening iron so it would be ready to flatten my curly hair after I checked something quickly on the computer. The radio was on as I was checking my email. I was about to get up to go do my hair when I heard the familiar radio promo that let me know the DJ was about to announce the word to text. I thought I might as well give it another shot before getting ready for my day so I waited for the word. I texted in the word ‘Yell’ three times and continued to check my email as I sat and waited for the results. A few seconds later, my phone went into its familiar text tune and I went to look at it without much expectation. I was so used to seeing, “We’ve gotten our winner,” that I could not stand to look at those words anymore. I focused in and I felt my eyes widen because something was different. The return text said, “Congrats you are the winner.”

I did it! I qualified for the grand prize! My heart began racing and my body became so excited I started shaking. I quickly called the number to enter my name for the trip to Waikiki. As I was talking to the DJ, telling her how ecstatic I was, my voice became higher and my words came out faster than ever. I gave her all my information, thanked her, and hung up. I jumped up and down rejoicing over my win and realized I rambled on and on and had no clue as to what I just said on the air. I went to the bathroom, where my straightening iron was as hot as could be and I was standing in front of the mirror amazed at what just occurred. My body was filled with so much enthusiasm I felt it buzzing. I had never been this excited before. It felt strange but spectacular. And then another feeling rushed through my body. It was a knowing feeling coming from my heart. As I picked up the iron, I looked at my heart chakra in the mirror and said out loud, “I’m going to win this trip!” It was not a wish I was making but a fact to be affirmed. The statement just flew out of my mouth causing my mind to be stunned by those very words that seemed to bypass all thinking. My heart was speaking to me and had just declared its intention. I fully trusted my heart and knew in my mind I would win as well.

The rest of my entire day was filled with thoughts of returning to Waikiki. I thought about where I would go again and places I would see that I missed last time. I pictured myself in Hawaii’s healing water and then basking in the sweet sun. Since I already visited the hotel that is included in the grand prize, I was easily able to picture myself there. I walked through its lobby, visited its stores, and sat on its benches. I considered what to pack in my suitcase and saw myself in the dresses I had bought in Hawaii. Every thought was filled with this new found enthusiasm. I then went online and visited the hotel’s website. I also logged onto the live webcams located in Hawaii. All of my senses were immersed in my visualization. I was in Hawaii. If a negative thought even tried to enter my mind, and some did try to creep in, they did not last. Since every ounce of my body was filled with this magical powerful passion, one tiny contrasting thought did not have a chance of survival. I was in such a high vibratory state that negativity was just bouncing off me so I did not have to give it a second thought. I also pictured myself jumping up and down screaming with joy and gratitude when the morning show from the radio station called me to tell me I had won. I saw myself happily updating my status on facebook to let everyone know I had just won an amazing trip. I could see myself cheerfully texting my friends and calling my family. The stage had been set and everything was done. As it is above, so it is below.

When it was time to go to bed, I had a hard time relaxing. The excitement would not wane. I imagined myself resting peacefully on Waikiki beach to trick my body into submission. I fell asleep somewhere around midnight only to wake up at 3:36 am. My body was still buzzing. My mind was engrossed in all things Hawaii. I began to laugh and thought, “Let 7 am come already so I can win my trip and relax.” I laid there wide awake and just let my mind and body did what they wanted. At 5:45 am, I turned on the radio and listened to the morning show settle into their usual routine. It was 6:30 am and I had to get up. I had to do something so I turned on my computer and waited for it to boot up. A few minutes later, I opened up an article I was working on the previous day and began to make revisions. It was now 6:45 am and the alarm I had set last night to be ready for today’s news was ringing so I got up and turned it off. My body began to get this nervous excited feeling similar to the butterflies in the stomach sensation. My palms felt clammy and my heart was starting to beat faster. I kept editing. It was 6:58 am and a song was playing. I knew when it was over they would return and be ready to give away the grand prize. The song was over and it was 7:03 am when I heard them say they were calling the winner now. In a blink of an eye, I heard my cell phone ringing and a smile quickly emerged on my face.

I jumped up from my desk and looked at the number knowing it was them. I immediately grabbed my phone and ran from my bedroom to the living room where I get better reception. I answered it and heard my name and I began to scream and jump up and down in total bliss. They did not even have to tell me I won because I knew. As I was screaming and rejoicing I kept shouting, “I knew it, I knew it, I knew I was going to win!”
In the midst of the joy and celebration the DJ asked, “How did you know you would win?”
And of course I earnestly replied, “I just did.” I thanked them and completed in reality what I had already done in my mind. I shared my news with everyone like I imagined I would. My vision was realized. What I knew in my heart would happen just manifested into my world. I was in awe of this phenomenon that just took place. I looked up and thanked God and my angels. I was connected to the Universe, God, and the angels like never before and I was humbled.

I have read many books on the law of attraction, manifestation, and the importance of visualization, belief, and enthusiasm. When I was actively doing all these things the day before, I did not consciously choose to do them. The process just began to happen so I know I had divine assistance to help me through this course of action and understand this lesson in manifestation. I considered myself to be excellent in the art of visualization and fully dedicated to my beliefs but having this winning experience has opened up a whole new appreciation for the importance of unrestrained enthusiasm and completely believing whatever your heart desires is already yours. To be so enthused that your body is literally buzzing was a first for me and something that was missing in my ability to manifest. And what is just as significant is the fact that I just needed that first triumph to open the door for me. After I qualified, there was a push within, a divine thrust that excelled the momentum of absolute enthusiasm and conviction. I had no idea why or how I was going to win but I did know for certain. Any other outcome was not a viable option. I could feel that knowingness coming from my heart. Something else occurred to me too. I was the fourth qualifier of the day on the fourth day of the contest. For those familiar with numbers you know that when fours appear angels are near. Afterwards, I could feel them celebrating with me wishing me their congratulations.

After this amazing experience, I felt miraculous. I felt that I successfully worked with the spiritual realm to draw to me what I desired. If I could do it once, then I can do it again. So what does my heart desire next? What do I passionately desire so much that it will create my body to buzz with enthusiasm, let my heart know it already is, and make my mind surrender to my heart and see it as done? From here on out the possibilities are endless.

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