What Can I Do Now?

Hoping, dreaming, thinking, planning and focusing on the future changes about to occur should be enough to keep the mind busy. Surrendering to the belief that the details of the future would take care of itself, I still needed something to do to keep me grounded in the present so I would not worry about events to come. Then it made sense to ask myself what I could do at this very moment to support my intended future. My future consists of moving so logically it made sense to get ready to move even if the details were still hazy. I began to look for boxes on Craigslist under the ‘Free’ section and had no luck and then thought it silly to start packing up before I knew for certain where I was going.

The following day, the message became clear about what I could do now when my friend asked me if I wanted some boxes. She graciously dropped off the boxes and said even though things were not certain I could still start packing some things up to be prepared for the future. I began packing my things and used up all the boxes. A few days later, my friend dropped off even more boxes. So this past week I have been packing things up, clearing things out, letting things go, and preparing to move forward to a future that is not completely known as of yet but one that is happily welcomed. The last time I moved was abrupt and I was not given enough time to say goodbye and was dreading the future that was to come. I am grateful this time around is different and I am able to move through this change with joy and excitement.

What can I do now? What am I able to do this moment? What am I capable of doing right now? What am I willing to do in the present to support my future? These are all great questions to ask when you are in that in-between time or in a changing phase in your life. There is always something that can be done now even if you think it is insignificant because really it is not. Every little action matters. Little swells lead and contribute to the big waves to come.

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