Coming Out of the Shadow

“To come out of the shadow become self nurturing by finding what brings you joy and fulfillment. Be willing to “not know”, to be empty, so that you may be filled with expanded consciousness. Befriend your mind.” This was sage advice I stumbled upon recently through an automated decoder. I was not expecting the results to resonate with me but in fact they had. I am still in this transition period where I am focusing on what brings me happiness or rather adds to my happiness. I have spent most of my life in the shadows where my heart’s needs were not met and I did many things that hurt my spirit for the sake of providing for my physical and emotional needs. I stayed in a career I loathed because it paid my bills. I remained in a city that depleted my energy because I was afraid to leave the familiar. I kept hurtful people in my life because I thought I did not have a choice to be free from them. This period of darkness was not without purpose. It allowed me to come to a point in my life and realize enough was enough. I finally recognized that I deserved to have joy and feel fulfilled in my life.

I learned that when I found one thing that made my truly happy that more discoveries soon followed. Writing has opened the path to joy and fulfillment for me and so has an impending move to a new city. Living in the present, and not knowing the future, was difficult for me to become accustomed to and still some days are easier than others. I am definitely someone who likes to know as much as possible but learning to surrender and allow great things to happen helps one become closer to God, Universe, Spirit, and Love. By remaining open to the unknown I have become aware of new interests. I am looking forward to delving into some new hobbies I never dreamed I would be interested in doing.

And lastly, making friends with your mind is a wonderful idea for anyone. There were many times when I let my mind get the best of me and sometimes it still tries. It would spiral out of control and become consumed with fearful thoughts. Instead of making the mind an enemy, I would suggest making it a friend. If something fearful comes up, treat your mind as your ally and try to understand where the fear is originating from. Ask yourself questions and intently listen for the answers. I make an effort everyday to live in the light so the shadow does not overcome me because in truth the shadow will always be there. I choose to focus my energy on the light.

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